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Five Things Friday 16Sept2016

Disclosure: I am a participant in several affiliate advertising programs.This post does contain affiliate links. I will only link you to things that I love, or have given an honest review about, so that you may take a look for yourself. I earn a small commission, at no extra cost to you, to help with blog expenses when you make a purchase through an affiliate link. Thank you for your support! 

It's a gloomy one here in Minneapolis, but at least the temps are above 60 degrees Fahrenheit!

This past week I've had some interesting days, so here's what has come out of it as far as FTF!

  1. Fluffy new towels. Target had a 2-day sale, 30% off bedding and bath, so I went to kill time while the iOS attempted to download (since Target has free guest Wifi) and bought some new towels. I do a quick "rinse and dry" wash cycle and toss them in the dryer with a fabric sheet so they're not grungy from the store and freshly fluffy!
  2. The baristas at my local Starbucks. They've come to know my passion for Chile Mochas, only using coconut milk in all of my drinks, and my love of hooded sweatshirts. cheers
  3. The new emojis for iOS. I waited a full day before downloading it, which seems to have been the trick as I have not yet encountered any of the glitches/bugs everyone had been complaining about. The download only took 10 minutes for me, but it didn't succeed at Target but it was successful at Starbucks. You might see a trend forming.
  4. This shirt. il_570xn-999098441_f5syI have not bought it, but it looks perfect for me. Again, I love hooded sweatshirts.
  5. Essentia Water. Two weeks ago I watched a video on Facebook about water claiming to be alkaline/healthy versus what a litmus test actually showed. I was intrigued by this water, and wanted to try it but didn't find any near us, so I ordered a case from Amazon.

What are some things you've encountered recently that you've come to love?!