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Thursday Thoughts 15Sept2016

b7dud-miiaaqbhdI woke up with this EXACT message on my heart, and decided to write it as todays blog. I always check out Pinterest for motivational photos, and came across this so I KNEW it was a good message for me today as well as to share. The reason I wanted to share this message tugging so hard on my heart, is because so many people look at my past and ask how I managed to get through it all. I didn't have it easy growing up, a story only those close to me will ever know, but I was loved by everyone. My dad instilled into me the method of always looking for the silver lining, as life is still here so why dwell on the bad. So even though there were some dark days, I am able to look back and see the love all around me. I see the love around me today, knowing there is a boundary some people still may not cross.

A lot of people follow a variation of this, "If He brings me to it, He will bring me through it."

For me, it's not enough to know He'll bring me through it, I need to see the good as I'm getting through it because if we dwell only on the negative we miss out on the amazing little things that are good and worth the difficult times.

In today's world, with all that is going on, there is GOOD IN THE WORLD! Just look for it, stop looking for the bad.

I'm not going through anything difficult, compared to what I've been through or what others are going through, I literally just woke up wanting to tell you that there is good everywhere, you just need to open your eyes to it.

Light, love, and peace. 💖