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Overcoming Obstacles

On October 26, 2015, I started suffering from symptoms of some sort of food borne illness. It was never tested for at the 3 doctor visits I had, strange now that I think about it, so it's not known what it actually was. Three days after those symptoms stopped, my knees stopped functioning normally. The next day, I couldn't walk, and was a ridiculous amount of pain. I cried, a lot, just sitting, and I'm not a crier when it comes to injuries. Since the time of hitting publish on Waking Up a Different Person, I have made great strides in my recovery. During marathon training Marathon Training Mental Road Block, I knew, and declared, I would only do a handful of fun races in 2016, to allow my body to heal from all of the running that accumulated in 2015. As I wrapped up marathon training, heading into the race, I set my 2016 goal on strength training, and enjoying the lack of a rigorous training schedule.

Because I'm currently in the process of building muscle around scar tissue, I HAVE to strength train, and the ability to go for a run whenever I want is becoming possible as we head into the 8th month of full-on recovery. Technically the 9th month, since I took the first month to mentally get my head around the situation I was being given. I have to be very conscious of the repercussions of participating in mid to high impact activities, and plan a recovery day. It's basically like marathon training, but with less endorphins which means more stress and frustration.  I see you irony, I see you.  The mental struggle of marathon training is NOTHING compared to the mental struggle of relearning how to walk, lift, run, jump, etc, without causing injury due to bad form.  I welcomed my first non-stop 5k of 2016 the weekend of July 4th, and almost cried from relief/accomplishment. Remember, I didn't get this emotional after finishing the MARATHON. 

Perspective. I'm one of a tiny group of people that have completed a marathon, but it's more exciting to me to be ABLE to run 3.11 miles nonstop. 

I love hearing how others have stayed focused on their goals, and giving themselves the time to have a tiny pity party, to help me stay on track. Please share with me, here or via email, what obstacles you have or are currently overcoming!