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There are different types of underwear, some people have various styles for various types of outfits. I'm no different. Some people don't wear underwear, and that's completely cool! That option might be too cool for some people! 300px-panties_styles_-_en-svg

So, I realized today, I have different types of sport underwear depending on the activity I'm doing.

For yoga, I've found these Under Armor are perfect. They're one size, which means they're higher up on my waist than the typical style I wear, but I wear yoga leggings just as high and which means they move with me but don't pinch/bunch in different yoga poses. But, they're too loose for running and lifting. When I roll down my yoga pant waistbands, though, they're annoying.

For running and lifting, I love these Victorias Secret because I can get the perfect fit for no movement/bunching.

Maybe you're not like me, but if you are I highly recommend those two brands! There are a lot other brands that offer sport underwear, so don't be shy in sharing what brand works for you!

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