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Hawai’i - The Maui Adventure

The Plan, Getting Here, and Days 1-6 are the first parts in this series. Day 7 - the flight from Hilo to Maui was a whopping 40 minutes long. After arrival, we grabbed a rental car, which was a nightmare considering we are really easy people to ‘deal with’, and I wanted to head to the Farmers Market just down the road to see what they had. Boyfriends mom requested baking potatoes for a baked potato bar dinner, and I just wanted fresh snacks. I subscribe to http://www.islands.com magazine, and in their September 2015 issue they happened to have this article http://www.islands.com/hawaiis-top-farmers-markets showcasing farmers markets. That made this adventure easy. The Upcountry Farmers Market was 15-20 minutes south of the airport, and there was a full parking lot of vendors some of which were already sold out for the day by the time we arrived. We grabbed a few snacks,Fresh Maui snack found baking potatos, and then headed to see the family in Lahaina where they were staying. I was not prepared for how low the speed limit was on this island. What was a 30 mile drive took an hour, which would typically take me 30 minutes back home (I am admittedly a led-foot driver). But the drive was BEAUTIFUL! Drive to UpcountryWe hung out for a bit, since we showed up around noon, before we could check-in to where we were staying just 15 minutes North. They had a beautiful place to stay, right on the ocean, and tons of grass to just hang out on and soak up the sun, breeze, and view. It was a pretty busy day, we eventually checked into our place, hung out on the beach,Beach timeToes in the sand got ready and went to a luau as a family of 11.

Hands down, an amazing day.

Day 8 - I knew I’d be pretty tired, so we planned to do very little other than grocery shop. But we didn’t get a good nights sleep, due to the Leeward winds blowing right into the poorly constructed windows on the West side of our room. It sounded like, no joke, what a tornado sounds like ALL NIGHT. I woke up SCARED FOR MY LIFE, and never fell back asleep. We put in a request for a room change as soon as the office opened, and packed up for the day to hang out at the family’s digs. Glorious book reading, sun tanning, do nothingness of a day.

Day 9 - EARLY MORNING! We woke up at 1am, picked up boyfriends mom, and drove to Haleakalā National Park. It was on the South of the Island, and the GPS said it would take about 4 hours. It took about 3, but since we were the first one’s to the Summit, we had the best parking spot and were able to use the restrooms without a huge line. And take a nap. The reason we drove out this early was to see the sunrise above the clouds. 10010 elevationThe summit is just above 10,000 feet, and you literally had the most breath taking view of day break through the sun fully rising. National Park Service official page

Haleakalā is known as “the house of the sun” and is a MUST-DO if you’re planning a trip to any of the Hawaii’n islands. It’s cold up there before the sun rises, it was about 20 degrees with the high winds, which you’re not shielded very well, so the hour we were watching the sun rise was pretty cold. We all were decently dressed, and I had my blanket to try and keep my body from getting too cold. But I didn’t last until the sun broke the clouds, about 15 minutes before it broke I went to the car to take a break from the wind, but I made sure it was warm for every one else when they were ready to go. We were able to get some amazing shots, and boyfriends mom had her awesome camera with which was a smart move. Sunrise at the house of the rising sunDefinitely worth waking up early for!

We didn’t get the opportunity to switch rooms yesterday, so we were basically already awake when our alarms went off at 1am for the road trip, but we did check with the office again as soon as they opened. They said they did have one available, and an hour later they called us to switch our room to one without windows facing West. Boyfriend dropped me off with his family so he could do all of the physical work of packing our stuff and moving it to the new room, since I really wasn’t in any condition to be part of any of that.

Family dinner for grandma’s birthday at Kimo’s, the fish was amazing (I think I had salmon), and eating on the coast of the ocean during sunset was spectacular.

Day 10 - Relaxation day!!! Reading a book and magazines on a lounger wearing a bikini is really all I need to set myself up for the most relaxing day. Relax in the sunThe view didn’t hurt, either.

Day 11 - Another relaxation day, a few hours in the sun and then wandering through the shops in Lahaina was awesome. I found an adorable Hawaiian made purse, for under $50! It’s very touristy, but I still recommend going to see the treasures the locals make.

Day 12 - Snorkeling in the crater, we woke up before the sun to drive about 30 minutes to get on  a boat.

Molokini Crater

I packed & brought along a day bag full of food, dry clothes, a towel, and reef safe sunscreen. The boat ride was about an hour to Molokini Crater, during which they served a continental breakfast, the only thing I was able to enjoy was the fresh fruit that helped my inflammation. We were given almost 2 hours to snorkel in the crater, and the time passed quickly but the snorkeling was pretty good! I used my iPhone 6Plus in a Catalyst case (they have cases for a lot of iPhones) to take photos, and he used the GoPro Hero 4 with water proof case, and sometimes used the red filter to take clear shots. Both devices worth their investment!

They served a grilled chicken sandwich bar for lunch, I made lettuce wraps, and ate about 4 loaded with veggies. I probably ate the most out of the 30 or so people that were on board, and was the smallest adult. :D I love that about me, packing away the food without signs of where it goes. HA!

Once back on land, we drove down to Wailea and spent a few hours in the hotel we reserved for the night. The family moved out of the house they rented for the past 1.5 weeks in Lahaina, and moved into the condos they were renting for their last few nights in Hawaii, so we thought it would be fun to also spend a night on the south western side of Maui as well as cook dinner for the whole family for his mom’s birthday.

Our hotel was amazing, it had an infinity pool (my first!), a couple of water slides, and the nicest front desk staff during our visit to Hawaii to this point.

Definitely will stay there again!

Day 13 - Pedicures with the family were at 11, just a few minutes down the road. It had been a while since I had one, and it was nice to relax and get cute toes. After everyone was pedicure’d, we said our goodbyes since we had to drive an hour back to our rental on the North west side of Maui, and pack for our morning flight to Honolulu the next day. I didn’t do a whole lot of packing, my boyfriend was in the habit of taking care of a lot of things by this point since I wasn’t healing as much as we had hoped. He wanted me to relax as much as possible, but after seeing me have a few emotional breakdowns during this trip was probably Earth shattering for him and no one likes to see someone they love cry. After everything was basically packed, we hung out and watched a movie or two. Just before we were ready to sleep, his phone rang and it was the rental car company stating they needed to swap our car out immediately due to a recall being issued. Waiting for a tow truck to show up at 10pm the night before a flight is really lame, but I’m glad our safety was their first concern.

Day 14 - Flight to Honolulu was decently in the late morning, and since we had an hour drive to the airport we had a pleasant last view of this beautiful island. We had to return the rental, and then make our way through TSA to our gate. Flight to HonoluluAnother 45 minute flight later, and we were in O’ahu!