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I hate soap

Okay, so I actually don't hate soap. I just really dislike liquid soap, it sticks to my hands and takes FOREVER to wash off. I wash my hands a LOT during the day, my immune system needs me to be conscience and clean so using a liquid soap just doesn't work for me. Well, my grandma, who I swear is the DIY queen, told me how to turn my liquid soap into foam soap, because I love foam soap. It's fun, easier to wash off, and it's more economical.

Since I had several liquid soaps around the house, all given as gifts, and I couldn't just throw them away, this is PERFECT!

Foam soap: 1 Cup Liquid soap (also known as an 8 ounce dispenser of liquid soap) 4 Cups water Mix together, and POOF! You have enough foam soap for FOUR foam soap dispensers!

This particular liquid soap was partially used, so I mixed a little water into the dispenser to loosen it up and then poured it into a mason jar so I could mix it up into foam soap.IMG_3467

It had approximately 4 ounces of soap, which made it easy to covert the measurements to turn it into 2 soaps. IMG_3562

How awesome is this?! Now you can turn your favorite scented soaps into foam soap! They will last a bit longer for your money!IMG_3563

What DIY's do you swear by?