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Fudge Bars

I have a confession, I eat dessert. 😱 I KNOW! Crazy humans.

SO Delicious makes the most amazing coconut milk fudge bars. Seriously, go buy some and find out for yourself!

Before I found these little guys, I was a sad panda. You see, my favorite ice cream is chocolate almond fudge (Cub Foods brand!), but I haven’t been able to eat it in YEARS after discovering my intolerance to dairy (all forms!), soy, gluten, and eggs. If you’re a restaurant server and see me coming, I’m sorry for the headache you’re about to get. I promise it’s legit, and I tip well!

While I had tried several many forms of frozen desserts, they just never satisfied that chocolate ice cream desire.

BUT THESE GUYS, they’re perfect.


They even use eco-friendly sticks!



I wish I was paid by So Delicious to share about their products, but I’m not. So, instead just go buy some of these knowing you’re supporting an amazing brand with awesome products. And maybe write So Delicious and tell them I deserve free fudge bars for life. ;)

If you're a person, like me, who loves getting food delivered to their home, So Delicious is sold on Amazon. <-- That link is an affiliate link: If you happen to purchase anything through that link, I will financially benefit at no added cost to you!

What’s your favorite dessert/treat?