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Meal Prep 2/1

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Yep, I meant to write this post the day after creating this awesome food but a huge snow storm came into town and instead of writing this post I spent way too much time in the car for appointments.

Here we go!

I had a can of coconut milk in the pantry and wanted to use it as many ways as possible for the upcoming week. I knew I was going to be out of town Friday and Saturday, so I had to make at least 7 days worth of food. I google'd and found this blog post: 10 Great Meals to Cook with Coconut Milk. Figured I would find at least one recipe I would like!

I found 2! I chose the Coconut Milk Soup with Wild Salmon, Winter Squash, and Kale and Coconut Ginger Fried Rice, where I then found this recipe for coconut milk rice pudding. YUM! In addition to my meal replacement shakes (monthly deliveries), GoGoSqueez Applesauce (subscribe and save to amazon Prime, get them delivered to your door and save a grocery trip!), Garuka Bars (also monthly deliveries!), and gluten free Cheerios, I knew I'd be set for the week!

I really like getting my food delivered, it saves a lot of poor decisions from being made in the grocery store, and a lot of time saved from needing to drive in the winter elements.

I had a lot of the items needed, except fresh greens and scallions, and made a few substitutions based on my preferences (I use Almond Milk instead of SoyMilk, etc) or what I had in the house, but everything turned out amazing and was EASY! It took 4 hours total from the time I unpacked the groceries until the time everything was packed up and in the fridge.

I used a whole serving of fish in each soup, instead of just one serving for the whole batch, because I like getting enough protein in each meal.

Meal Prep Feb 1 2016

Daily: Cereal (pre-workout), 2 meal replacement shakes, GoGo Squeez with Garuka Bar, greens and sweet potato, rice pudding, and alternated between the soup and fish with rice. This picture doesn't include my supplements of vitamins, and pre and post workout stuff.

Please let me know what you've created, I'm always looking for new recipes to mix things up!

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