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Waking up a different person

Have you ever thought about the things you've gone through to get where you are? November 1st, I woke up with neck pain, I figured it was from sleeping awkward. November 2nd, my neck still hurt, so I went to the doctor and was given a muscle relaxer. November 3rd, I woke up with some stiffness in my hip and knee, and figured it was from laying around too much recovering from the stomach illness I had the entire previous week. The muscle relaxer wasn't working on them, so that confused me. As the day ended, walking was not getting easier, and I thought it could be after effects from the marathon October 4th, since they were the same ones that hurt at mile 20 and beyond.

I woke up November 4th unable to stand or walk without help, and knew I had to get to the Urgent Care. Thankfully, my boyfriend didn't have to work the rest of the month (3 week trip in Hawaii later that week, I'll write on that later), so he was able to help me with everything you normally can do yourself. I was unable to walk from the house to the garage (it's attached) without pain, getting in the car hurt, and I refused to walk to the door at urgent care without a wheel chair. Something was definitely wrong. After being checked in, I was driven in my giant wheel chair to a room used for pediatric type care, because it was used to having a wheel chair wheeled into it, and a gurney for my to lay on since I wasn't about to sit any longer.

The nurse took my vitals, and then the doctor came in. The look on his face made me think my condition stumped him.  He requested a bunch of blood from me, they injected some pain & anti-inflammatory medicine through the IV that now dangled from my arm, and, while he made some phone calls, sent me off to get X-rays. Boyfriend went to run an errand since I was going to be here a few hours. The labs wouldn't be back today, but the specialists he was trying to reach were all in a conference and someone would hopefully call him back soon.

They handed me a giant styrofoam cup of water, a TV remote, and covered me in a warm blanket while we waited for the phone calls to come back. They had extended cable/dish channels, so I vegged out to something that entertained me as the narcotics made everything interesting. I'd been here for about 2 hours by the time the doctor heard back from a specialist, and was able to comfortably give me info and send me home. They believe I have reactive arthritis, handed me some info on it and urged me to see the specialist in the next few days if their schedule opened up, otherwise I would need to see one in Hawaii. They sent me home with 2 prescriptions.

November 5, I woke up on the air mattress in the living room, because I was unable to walk up the stairs to the bedroom. Boyfriend slept on the couch behind me, to make sure he was close for when I needed something. I received a call in the early morning from the specialists office that they had an opening November 6 if I was able to make it. I agreed it would work, since nothing was more important at this time.

Our flight to Hawaii was 9am November 7, which means the entire house along with packing needed to be cleaned and finished without me, in a lot less time than we originally planned. We adjusted our plan, decided we would stay in a hotel the night before the flight so we were close to the airport, which means the cleaning and packing had even less time now.

I woke November 6, made my list of things that still needed to be done, used my new narcotics and inflammatories to walk upstairs to the bedroom to finalize my packing, and then got ready for the doctor. We decided boyfriend would do all of the cleaning after my doctor appointment after he brought me to the hotel (the hotel and doctor office happened to be really close, which worked out well).

The doctor was 99.5% certain I did not have an infectious disease (which would prevent me from flying, WHEW!), but that I did have reactive arthritis caused from something stomach related (remember how I said I was sick for a week?). It had nothing to do with running. Nothing. He told me to stop taking one of my prescriptions, and started me on something new. He gave me some good information, and we set a follow up appointment for one month  later. He told me to call the second I was unhappy with my prescription so they could adjust it, and highly recommended hydrotherapy. He actually said, "Yes, go get in the ocean."

Once I was settled into the second hotel, the first hotel was a nightmare, I started dreaming of all things Hawaii as I waited for my new medicine to kick in.

Recap: I woke up October 4th, 2015, ran 26.2+ miles, & officially became a marathoner. I woke up November 6th, 2015, and was diagnosed with a form of arthritis, unable to walk on my own without pain.

Sometimes what you have done, has zero bearing on where you are right now.

Reactive arthritis info: http://www.about-reactive-arthritis.com