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6 weeks until Marathon Day, I've hit a road block

Happy Monday!!! It's been a month since I've posted, and the reason is because I hit a road block mentally in my training.

Have you ever noticed when one thing in life is lacking, other areas of your life also feel as if they fade off a bit? That's how the past month or so has been for me.

Monday's are great days to hit the reset button: new week, better mindset, same goals. So, here we are!

Yesterday, I started 2 personal development programs which lead me through prompts to reaffirm myself and break negative thinking habits. One is 7-minutes twice a day (petakelly.com), the other is 30 minutes once a day (healthymindandbody.com; this is for members only, I am able to help you setup your membership account). Making time for these is important to make sure I finish the marathon, and everything else in my life stays the course and propels me to amazing things.

Of all the advice that I've heard through this marathon training, the most spoken was "It's mostly mental" so while I was warned about it, I really didn't think the mental part would happen in my training. I know it's going to be a mental struggle on race day, but I am sure it won't be as much of a struggle as training is going mentally.

Mental road block running? Yep. I know. Running is usually as simple as lacing up shoes, grabbing a water bottle, and heading out for an hour or three. But since this is my first marathon, and the half-marathons I've trained for had shorter training schedules and mileage, it becomes a battle for me. Here's a few things that run through my head when I check my training schedule for the day: -Have I fueled properly -Am I hydrated properly -What's the weather like -I haven't slept decently -I'll do it later today -I'll get to it tomorrow -I've walked that many miles today And so on.

I really don't want to get hurt, I want to be able to finish the marathon on my own accord, but the daunting 26.2 miles really freaks me out that I'll be out there for over 4 hours.

I've decided this will be my only marathon, and I'm relieved knowing that once I cross the finish line I will only run a few times a month if I'm craving it. I've decided I'm taking next year off, I might run a fun 5k here and there, but nothing longer.

I always wanted to run this marathon, and I honestly was planning on doing it next year. Now that it's 6 weeks away, I really just want to get this over with. I made the commitment, and my fundraiser is $25 away from my goal, so I will finish this thing and make sure there's a buffet of all my favorite foods at home afterwards.

Sometimes, taking a step back at what you're doing is really needed to make sure you're going down a path you want. Sticking to commitments is important, if you don't follow through then you'll be in the habit of quitting and never really knowing what life would be like had you finished.