When a runner goes camping

A little over a week ago my dad asked if I wanted to go camping (in a big camper) Father's Day weekend. I immediately said yes!! Parameters: leave around noon Friday, pack light, and campfires. Planning ahead isn't necessary for a weekend getaway for me and I'm so thankful for that. I've missed out on a lot of camping trips (back when they did sleep in a tent) because of having work obligations. First, we had to find a camp site long enough for the equipment as we needed a 53' gravel pad to park on. It took a bit of learning how the reservation website worked, and there were only 2 spots available. Neither had electric hookups but since the camper had batteries we could bring the generator and recharge for an hour each day and be set. SCORE!

Second, I had to pack clothes in 4 days. I planned to wear shorts, so I packed sweats, a pair of jeans, a pair of capris, one running outfit, rain boots, and flip flops. I also packed my tiny shower bag which has a travel size 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner, body wash, exfoliating fash wash, and a loofah along with my shower flip flops (they have holes through out the soles for fast draining). I packed a tee and tank for each day, and a spare hoody just in case I spilled or got caught in a down pour. I always bring my own blanket and pillow, and since this was a camping trip my blanket for this trip was wool.

Third, I need to pack my food. I always bring 2 meal shakes per day, my greens, adapotgens, natural sports drink mix, Nuun, Target brand airborne, my Garuka bars, a GoGoSqueez, and homemade trail mix. I also brought some Zico chocolate coconut water, my homemade coffee concentrate, and some cold pasta salad I put together last minute.

Finally, it was time to go!

We made all dinners over the fire. Pro tip: bring a glove for grabbing hot things.

Our spread the first night. Check out the fancy tea cups! They may have contained wine. My dad had the genius idea of using the dry wood planks for serving the burgers, like the fancy restaurants!

 Nature in all its beauty was definitely the reason we  went camping.


It's a little snake!

I went for a run Sunday morning. It was a little humid out so I chose to run on the entrance/exit road instead of running through the park on the paved trail to make sure I had a good breeze on me.


I used this spickot the entire weekend, nice cold fresh water!


I use the Nike+ Running App for tracking, you don't need data enabled for the GPS to live-track your routes!

It was a great trip.

What did you do last weekend? Do you have any plans for a camping trip? What stories can you share about previous camping trips?