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Gladsoles Sandals (& Get 15% off!)

It is summer, which means ADVENTURES!! I'm going RV'ing with the family this weekend, and I'm putting together my packing list. Shoes for RV'ing for me include, boots for muddy adventures, running shoes, rain/waterproof boots, and sandals. You know when you're walking in flip flops and walk right out of them, but don't want to deal with uncomfortable flat sandals that have the metal buckle on the back that keeps them on your feet? You know when you're walking on a flat trail, and get a rock or stick stuck in there because it FLIPPED in from the flop?

You need Gladsoles! I had been eyeing them for almost a year, and then finally got them!

The bag is great!

You get to pick the lace color, and the cinch tab color so you have your ideal color scheme!

They are great! You trace your feet when you order them, so they fit your feet perfectly!!!! (There is an instructional on how to trace your feet)

Once you get them tied to your comfort level, you just slip them on, cinch and go! They're great for everything: running, walking, yoga, and hanging out in the yard.

Nutrition, Yoga, and go everywhere sandals!

AND, since they're not clumsy like flips flops, you can wear them on the beach and save your feet from BURNING!!

The sand in Turks & Caicos was at least 120 degrees F, so wearing these was easier than flips and didn't burn my feet!

Truly, amazing!!! I've very excited to have these in my adventure bag.

Check them out, they have 4 different types of soles: Eco - Made from Upcycled Rubber Tires Street - The lightest model Trail - Rugged & Grippy for off the beaten path Hybrid - Combination of Street and Trail, ideal for the first time barefoot sandal wearer.

If you decide to purchase, use EmRunFree (caps not required) at checkout and get 15% off!

Everything ships FAST, via UPS Priority Mail, so you'll have your order typically (from what I have experienced) within 7 days of ordering. If you think about it, since they're handmade, that's crazy fast!!

Happy Adventuring!