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We love to travel

Spending time together is amazing, and since we both love to travel and experience what this life has to offer, we truly have a magical time together. My work schedule drastically changed in October 2014, and his changed only one month later.  I started working for myself 100%, I do not have a brick-and-mortor business which means I work whenever and wherever I want, and his job finally gave him a reasonable work/life schedule.

My boyfriend actually travels for his job, we like to call the down time on the road interviews for potential vacations.  Over the course of MANY years, and even more airports, there was always one place at the top of his list when we were able to take longer vacations than previous years: Providenciales.

We spent a day in the cold Minnesota winter talking about where we wanted to go on vacation in 2015, how much time to spend there, looked up when the best time to travel to all of those places would be, and matched them all up against his work schedule.  We spent 9 hours dedicated to this.  The end result: booked 45 nights of hotels rooms, 1 week in a family condo, 3 nights in an airbnb apartment, 10 roundtrip airline tickets, 4 inter-island airline tickets, and 1 rental car for a week.

The confirmed list for 2015: Palm Springs, CA San Diego, CA Las Vegas, NV Hawaii Provodenciales, Turks & Caicos Colorado (road trip to see family, with family. Will be a cheap trip, tons of fun!)

No, we're not rich.  Almost the opposite, really.  I budget, we utilize credit cards that offer travel rewards, he racks up frequent flier miles, bank the hotel rewards points, and then we decide what to spend cash on versus blow points on.  The freedom of working for myself is really what allows us to travel this much, and the fact that I like to travel CHEAP.

Part of the budgeting process is food, I need groceries where ever I go because: 1. food allergies, 2. I would rather spend time in the kitchen than money on a restaurant, and 3. I eat whenever I'm hungry & usually can't/won't wait for the kitchen to open.

I can not recommend a more important tip for traveling than getting at least a mini-fridge (tell the front desk you have medical needs, they should give it to you for free) and buying your food from the store, it will save you A LOT of money!

If you want to live this kind of life, I am more than happy to show you how.  I'll post more travel related topics, as I remember to write them down, and if you want to help people on your own terms like I do, please comment below or email me.  I'm more than happy to help you live the life you want!