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Chicken, Bacon, Cream Cheese, Jalapeños - Need I say more?


I was watching some cooking show, and saw a stuffed chicken creation. I didn't want to pound out the chicken to wrap the ingredients, so I decided I could just take the recipe, and make a sandwich with the chicken. I just needed to figure out the ingredients I would stuff into the chicken. Since I am gluten and dairy intolerant, jalapeños poppers are something I have not yet been able to enjoy out of the house.

That's what I would put into my chicken!

And why not wrap it in bacon?!

 Chicken stuffed with cream cheese & jalapeños, then wrapped in bacon. It was amazing! Original Recipe Here (Bigoven.com)

I adjusted the recipe for one serving, thankfully they have a little calculator on the BigOven sight to do the math for you, since I usually cook for myself.  

I fully intended on making two portions out of this, since it is a whopping 710 calories for one serving, but that did not happen.  

After one bite, I knew I was eating the whole thing!