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Week 2 training accomplished, & today I finished a tough run

March 1st was the first day of training for the Stillwater Half Marathon, which will be a little hilly course.  Day 1 of each week is "strength and stretch," as I'm following the Hal Higdon Intermediate Half-Marathon training plan.  Since the race is on a Saturday (woohoo!), Day 1 of each week is a Sunday!  Yoga is my stretch and strength regimen, I attend a class each Sunday morning.  This ensures I won't be doing the same moves each week, and it gets me out of the house doing something my mind and body need. I've followed the training plan really well, so far.  I have even managed to add in some strength training to more than just the days it suggests.  I want to be overall strong, not just for running.  I only do 20 minutes of full-body strength 3 days each week, max, in addition to my yoga practice.  Typically I'll do strength M-W, as the rest days are falling on Thurdsay and/or Friday each week.  I leave Saturdays for long runs, only, as well as only do Yoga on Sundays.  It has worked out well for me, so far.

Today was my first TOUGH run.  I know it's going to happen more than once during training, but I really needed to talk myself through it.  First my shin was acting up, so I stopped and readjusted my shoes.  That fixed it.  Next, my music sucked; it's the same music from 1.5 years ago when I ran my first half, so it's just old to me at this point.  So, I flipped on iTunes Radio and picked the first one.  That worked for 1.5 miles, then I just ran "silent."  I also had issues with my route, I ended up just taking corners randomly, crossing my fingers the sporadic new route would be long enough to get my 3.5 miles in that were scheduled.  That really did end up being the best medicine, and I will need to remember to just run in silence on my next tough run.  My route did end 3.5 miles, exactly, too.

It truly is a head game.

What have you done to get through a tough run?