Palm Springs, California - Day 3

In case you missed Adventure Day 1, or Adventure  Day 2, you don't need to read these in any particular order.Adventure Day Three started with a jog to the Palm Springs Art Museum, and a short hike up the Mountain (we only climbed 300 feet) to watch the sunrise.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!!


We walked/jogged back to our hotel, enjoyed a quick protein shake breakfast, changed into pool attire, and worked by the pool for the next 4 hours.  An amazing afternoon.

We then decided to drive out to Joshua Tree National Park, and check out Mother Nature in her desert bounty.  It was an hour drive, on some roads that felt like roller coasters (I'm not a fan), but the scenery was great.

When we arrived, our first trail to walk was 9 miles down the road from the entrance, and I wanted to stop at EVERY sight-seeing opportunity, I had to remember to take pictures to capture the beauty of what I was seeing an experiencing.  I managed to restrain myself from making us stop at every opportunity, knowing the sun would be setting soon and I wanted to be able to SEE as much as possible.  We were in the middle of the desert, in a crater of Mountains, with zero equipment for night-time nature walks.  PITCH DARK was a mere 1.5 hours away.

When we got to our first trail, I had a hard time walking slow enough to take pictures, and fast enough to see EVERYTHING!! I wanted to wonder off the trail (which is 100% acceptable) all of the time, but again that time was ticking.

It was a glorious day surrounded by Nature's Beauty!  When we go back, we're spending the ENTIRE day in Joshua Tree National Park!!

Have you ever been to a National Park?  Which one?  What do you recommend to see??