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Kindly Coffee - Get Coffee delivered to your door!

Coffee delivered to your door?  YEP!  Kindly Coffee does just that! Kindly Coffee: 100 % SHADE GROWN, FAIR TRADE, ORGANIC COFFEE

I was fortunate to get my hands on the Ethiopian Dark Roast from the last batch (January 26!) dropped onto my door step this afternoon.

It is delivered as a whole bean, which means you get to grind it up and drink it FRESH!  I love the smell of fresh ground coffee!

I slammed the cup of coffee I was drinking at the time to make a cup.  How'd it taste?  I'm sitting here, sipping the SMOOTH coffee, writing this post.  MIND BLOWING.  It's the current roast to purchase, I HIGHLY recommend it if you're a Dark Roast lover, like I am. Kindly's description of the Ethiopian Dark Roast: "Roast: (Just Barely) Dark roast Origin: Ethiopia Flavor Profile: Velvety body, with chocolate, citrus and lavender tones wrapped inside just enough bold dark roast flavor. Producer: Shilicho Cooperative, part of the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union. Important: Fair-Trade Certified, Organic The sublime balance of soft mouth feel and bright fruit tones is the result of the “boutique” Shilicho cooperative’s 1,116 members’ dedication to sustainable farming methods and expert wet-processing, selecting only ripe cherries for coffee production.

Located in the Dara Wordea District in the Sidama region of Southern Ethiopia, Shilicho’s member farms average an altitude of 1,880 meters and work under the Umbrella of the Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (SCFCU), which focuses on organic production processes and education programs for its members’ children. Coffee farming in Ethiopia has remained in the hands of small scale family farms, a testament to the coordinating efforts of the coffee cooperative and union leaders."


"ONE FEATURED ORGANIC COFFEE, ROASTED TWICE A MONTH. THREE WAYS TO GET YOUR HANDS ON IT." 1.  You can pay $2.99 for a 4-ounce sample size to be shipped to you, 2.  Buy a 1-pound bag for $20 to be shipped to you with free shipping; or 3.  Get the subscription service: "Select the quantity and frequency for full control."  You can ask for either a 1-pound or 2-pound bag to be delivered every-other week, or once a month!  This option is $20 for each pound of coffee you order each month, shipping is free.

About Kindly Coffee: "Outdoor Inspired Organic Coffee Great coffee and outdoor adventures. These are the passions that fuel us. Our business is selling organic coffee, carefully cultivated by expert farmers and craft roasted in Minnesota, to people and offices who appreciate the craft of coffee and the environment that supports it. After years of living, working and traveling in Latin America, the Kindly Coffee team returned to Minnesota to pursue a dream of improving the at-home and at-work coffee experiences while helping to strengthen coffee growing communities worldwide. Founded in Minneapolis, our values reflect a Midwestern upbringing: hard work, strong communities, and simplicity. Ideas for Kindly Coffee come while running and biking along the Mississippi River or hiking and canoeing one of the many trails, lakes or rivers that spiral through Minnesota. A small company with big dreams, Kindly Coffee sources high-quality organic coffee from the world’s best micro-plot farms and coffee cooperatives. An ecommerce only coffee company, we prioritize freshness and flavor over volume. With this process, we can focus on our commitment to quality. More to come. We’re just getting started."

Now that I'm jacked up effectively powered by coffee, GO CHECK THEM OUT!!!