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Sick Day turns into Zombie Week

Hey!  What day is it?!  If it weren't for my phone, I honestly would have no idea until I turned the TV on and checked the channel guide.  I'm hoping this post doesn't confuse you, too much. I flew home from California the 20th, and on the 22nd I had this horrible congestion in my lungs.  I did the usual: pop zinc, drink tea, drink warm water, take it easy, nap, get fresh air in small amounts, and lay in bed with the heating pad on.

Yesterday, I tried Mucinex D.  BAD IDEA!!!  1. It has pseudoephedrine (Sedafed) in it, which DRIES you up at the same time as making your sinuses DRAIN.  I went through 3 boxes of kleenex!!!  And my chest did not break anything loose, the entire day.  Since it's a 12-hour regimen, I thought perhaps the first tablet was the starter and it would maybe increase the medicinal attributes, so I took a second one at the time it was supposed to be taken.  BAD IDEA!!  I was up almost the ENTIRE night, nothing came out of my chest, and by this time my nose was RAW from blowing it so much.

I even carry a full kleenex box in my purse, because those tiny little ones wouldn't keep up.

Maybe that's why I am having trouble thinking today, I literally blew all my brains out. :')

Needless to say, when I woke up this morning (after sleeping 4 hours, thanks to doing a toxin cleanse at 2am when I determined the Mucinex needed to be flushed) I immediately called my clinic to be seen as soon as possible.  Thankfully, the 'float physician' was available right away.  He did his questions, and simple tests, and told me I have what is very COMMON right now, and I'm probably only stuck with it for a few more days.  It's a virus.

There wasn't anything he could give me to make it go away, as it is with viruses, but he did give me somethings to make my life easier until the crud gets expelled from my lungs (which could take a few weeks).

1. He tells me that coffee will soothe my throat.  SWEET!  He says honey in coffee is sometimes better than cough syrup itself, as far as making the throat feel better.  NICE!

2. He prescribes me cough syrup with Codeine which will mean I can sleep at night (finally!).

3. He prescribes me these little throat suppressant pills that will calm my throat when the cough syrup isn't needed anymore.

4. He prescribes me an inhaler, since I do have asthma and do not have an inhaler anymore.

The appointment took less than 20 minutes, I was even at the Pharmacy before they opened waiting for my meds to get bagged up!  What makes this whole illness even harder, it's been in the 40's this whole time and I can't go run in it. :'(

Hope your day is going better!