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Palm Springs, California - Day 2

Happy Friday!! If you missed Day 1, it's not a big deal if you read the story out-of-order!  Definitely go ready that right away, though.

Day two in sunny Palm Springs, California started with a quick meal replacement shake.  My favorite vegan shake goes everywhere with me.  Then off we went to get massages!  One of my favorite ways to start a vacation is rolling out of bed, equipped with a quick, healthy breakfast wearing sweat pants, tank, and flip-flops, and getting a massage.  HIGHLY recommend.  We weren't staying at a resort, so there wasn't an on-site place to get a massage.  We are members of Massage Envy, and there was one just 10 minutes from where we stayed, so we used one of our pre-paid massages.  If you've never been to a Massage Envy, they do offer first-time pricing and it's a lot cheaper than paying for the resort spa.

We were near a Target, so we loaded up on a few more gallon bottles of water, fresh veggies, I grabbed a box of GoGo Squeeze Applesauce, tiny cans of Ginger Ale, and a box of Qtips.  We then drove over to Trader Joes and grabbed some Gluten Free Ginger Snaps (YUM).  We headed back to our hotel, enjoying the views along the way.

What do you do after getting a massage?  Get in a bikini, and lounge by the pool for the next 4 hours.  I did just that, with my Kindle, water, snacks, and sunscreen packed in my pool bag (reusable bag that folds up tiny).

Healthy comes everywhere.  Garukabars.com

After the sun, we enjoyed a salmon dinner we made in our room, did some more reading, and checked out a few things on TV.  GLORIOUS DAY!!  Here's Day 3!

Is there anything you ritually do on vacation?