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Palm Springs, California - Day 1

Living in Minnesota requires a decent amount of strength just to deal with the winter, especially if you’re not a fan of cold weather.  I’m not a cold weather person, I LOVE the heat, and humidity of the Minnesota summers so that’s why I still LIVE here. Being able to vacation in the winter is one of the requirements of keeping my Minnesota residency, and it MUST be to somewhere WARM.  My definition of warm is most likely different than yours.  Warm to me means in the 70s, and hot means the feel like temperature is in the 90s.  I’ll write about this vacation in at least two posts, possibly breaking it into four posts, since we took 4 activity focused adventures.

I just returned from a fantastic vacation in Palm Springs, California.  It was warm, definitely swimsuit weather!!  The daily temperatures averaged in the 70s, with a glorious sun shining everyday, and the air was on the dry side so you didn’t get your clothes soaked in sweat on the lunch walks.  The highs on most days while I was there was around 80, with the UV around 3, which means 3-4 hours of sun gave my skin a fresh tan without the nasty burn my pale skin could have had.

My flight arrived just before 11am, and it took about an hour to meet up with my boyfriend, who had a different flight, get my bags, get our rental car, and then get out of the parking lot.  The airport isn’t that big, and it wasn’t that crowded, I was just in AWE of the beauty that I stopped to enjoy it a LOT.

This PRIVATE jet is parked in the general aviation terminal.  Look at that view beyond!!

The first thing we did: check out the Palm Springs Air Museum.  Boyfriend loves airplanes, and museums.  Two birds, one stop.  This means I get to pick influence the rest of the activities we do since that “counts” as two. ;) We spent about two hours at the Air Museum, it was really neat.  They had planes from World War II that were still operational, the cost of admission funded keeping them in such great shape, there are veterans on-site to tell stories and share information on the “war birds” and the missions that went on.  There is a map the Japanese used to attack Pearl Harbor.  Definitely worth the price of admission just to see that.  That was my favorite part, in addition to the fact this was an outdoor museum so I could soak up the warmth of the sun while boyfriend absorbed all the airplane and history to his heart’s content.  Sacrifices, we all have to make them. ;)

The International Airport Runway, just beyond the fine of the Air Museum.

Boyfriend inside the B52.

We were hungry after we finished touring the museum, so we drove a little down the road to the Encinas Golf Resort and had a nice lunch at their Grill.  Fresh food, great view, and about the price you’d expect to pay at a Golf Resort.  We checked into our hotel; we chose the Extended Stay because it has a full kitchen, is a cost-efficient, and is walking distance away from downtown and hiking.  Definitely consider WHY you need a hotel before spending money on it.  We didn’t need an on-site anything, other than free parking, so it was a for-sure on this trip.  We then went grocery shopping to stock our fridge of the amazing meals for the first half of our trip.  Salmon, avocados, sweet potatos, tomatos, sandwich meats, bread, and hummus.  We purchased a few other food items, soups, and chicken breasts, just to make sure we had some variety even though I could live on the main purchase.  We also bought gallon jugs of water, and a 1/2 gallon of cold coffee, to ensure we kept up with our hydration due to the dry climate.

The view from lunch.

By this time, there was about an hour left of sun, so we changed into our pool attire and grabbed a seat in the sun to warm up our skin.  After the pool, we read a little, talked about the things we’d like to do on our remaining days, made a lovely dinner from our groceries, and vegged out watching TV before we fell asleep.  Our day started at 4am Central Standard Time, so when 8pm rolled around in California, it was 10pm Central Time and we were EXHAUSTED.

Here's Day 2

Have you been to Palm Springs, California?  What did you do?  

Do you have any, and what are the ‘necessities’ of living in your area of the world?