Medtronic Weekend, Part 2: All the Running

Last month I wrote about planning and packing for this crazy weekend of running 3 races, and attending a 3 day seminar. Read that here. The TC Loony Challenge comprises of 2 races, in one weekend. A 10k at 7:30am Saturday, 5k at 9:00am Saturday, and a 10 mile at 7:00am Sunday. My training was the schedule for a half-marathon, even though my longest mileage was that of race day, I felt it was the best idea considering I would be running 19.3 miles between two days. I made the last 4 weekends look like this: 6.2 miles (10k) on Saturday, and at least 6.2 miles on Sunday. I increased the Sunday mileage each week, with my last weekend having a 6.2 mile run followed by a 3.1 mile walk on Saturday, and a 10 mile run on Sunday. Knowing my legs could handle the mileage, I knew I would be fine.

The forecast was looking pretty good: 50s. AWESOME!

And then the day before the weekend came, and the forecast turned COLD: Highs in the 30s, with race time temps in the 20s and feel like temps in the teens! AAAAGHH! I had to completely repack my race bag, adding sweat pants and sweat shirts to keep me warm before and after running, and adding a jacket to wear during the first few miles of each race.

Good thing I have enough clothes to accommodate that kind of need. ;-)

My races were good, I kept about a 10:00/mile time both days. My legs were not impressed with the hills, which I didn't incorporate enough of during training, but really weren't happy with the temps. My 10k was just over 1 hour, my 5k was just over 30 minutes, and my 10 mile was just under 1:40. I'm very happy considering the feat I just accomplished.

If you've never experienced a race during the Medtronic weekend, whether as a runner or as a fan, I highly recommend it!! The views along each route are beautiful, it's during the fall leaf change which brings amazing colors to the landscape. The historic houses, the views of the river, and the final leg which over looks the state Capital are AWEsome! I would have taken photos, but with the temps being so low this year it would have killed my battery. :-(

The entire distance, of all of the races, are lined with fans showing their support! It's phenomenal the turnout, especially for how cold it was this year. There are people who had a keg setup, mobile fire-pits, blankets, chairs, signs, hot dog stand, and the police and medical support, along with the volunteers, were cheering the runners on. This was amazing for me, it truly is my favorite part.

Medtronic weekend is the first weekend in October each year, and registration is currently open for the TC Loony Challenge, along with the other challenges. The registration for the individual races is not yet open. Whether you come to run, or just to cheer and tour the cities, you'll be blown away. Here's the website: Medtronic Weekend Hopefully I see you next year!!