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Hot for the Holidays Challenge

Starting on Monday, I'm going to participate in an international Hot for the Holidays challenge. It's 30 days of nutrition and working out, making sure I'm putting the best in my body as I get my body looking it's best. I am joining this challenge to prevent the Holiday weight gain that drives people to devote their New Years to a resolution to lose weight. For me, I want to maintain my health throughout the year, and never have to be jump-starting for any reason. I totally fall back on my food journal, and take days/weeks off, especially after I accomplish a long-distance race. But I PLAN for that to happen, I actually schedule my 'days off' so I do not restrict myself. When you restrict yourself, your body/conscience start to crave those things your prohibiting yourself, and you will soon binge. Binge = Guilt = Binge. Nasty cycle.

So what do I do to 'prevent' myself from restrictions? I live an 80/20 lifestyle, 80% of my meals are on point and 20% of my meals include some of my not-so-good-for-me favorites; 80% of my week is working out, and 20% is vegging out. It is a nice balance, for me. You may need a slight variation, but finding the right balance is key.

So with the Hot for the Holidays challenge, it actually works perfectly, because I'm just going to focus better during this time to make sure the awesome Holiday meals are enjoyed but in moderation. I'll enjoy the full meal, but I'll eat throughout the day so as to not exceed my daily caloric need.

If you want to join the Hot for the Holiday's challenge, let me know! Send me an email: EmilyRunsFree@gmail.com

What are you doing to get through the holidays, in a healthy way?