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Medtronic weekend, Part 1: Planning and Packing

This year, I registered for the TC Loony Challenge. That means I'm registering to run a 10k, a 5k, and a 10 mile, all in one weekend. WHAT WAS I THINKING???? In August, I registered for a personal development seminar weekend, which was scheduled the same weekend as the Medtronic Marathon weekend.

Again, what was I thinking?

When it came to race week, I had to write down my daily schedule to wrap my head around everywhere I needed to be, at what time, and how much time I would be there. I literally scheduled every second possible of the day, to ensure I didn't have a panic attack.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the races were 15 miles away from the seminar. And highways were closed for construction. And main roads were detoured for the races.

Serious planning needed.

We decided to get a hotel room where the seminar was held so I could shower after the races and get to training right away, because we live 20 minutes away from the races, in the opposite direction of the seminar.

My planning also included every meal I was going to eat, every snack I might want, and every drink I would need. I packed a wheeled cooler with 3 gallons of water, in Nalgene and throw away water bottles, a frozen gallon water bottle to keep things cold, and to use on the last day. There were four bottles of coconut water to up my hydration, ginger ale, and anything chocolate related I could possibly get my hands on. I packed my 6 meal Isolator bag with lunches and dinners for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and I packed the mini-Isolator with oatmeal energy cookies (I'll post that recipe soon, promise), and race day peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I also packed my meal replacement shakes and bars, because that is the easiest way to get a full meal, especially when it's organic, non-GMO, and delicious.

I packed a running gear bag, with two of every possible article of clothing, since the weather was drastically changing with the words rain and snow in the forecast and something about it not getting above 40 degrees. Headphones, ArmPocket, headphones charger, and sweat wicking head band. Three pairs of shoes, who wants to run with wet feet in cold weather?! Two jackets for pre- and post- race to recoup my body heat, wind in 30 degree weather is nothing to mess with. The feel like temperature is in the 20s. BRRRR!! Hats, mittens, extra sweat shirts and pants, and scarves. It all went in. I added water bottles for running in here, one 8-oz bottle for every two miles running plus an extra bottle for each race. That is 12 bottles, by the way. I use my own protein and electrolytes while running, which also reduces the need to be in the water station line, so I threw those in there, too. I also threw in 1 GU packet for each 2 miles, plus 3 extras incase I dropped one.

I packed a normal clothing suitcase with clothing that was functional and fashionable. Sweaters, leggings, boots, long sleeve sweater dresses, and stretchy skinny jeans that all could be mixed and matched. All the usual bathroom and everyday items went in, including my travel pillow and blanket because sleeping with two comfort items really helps me get comfortable fast and fall asleep sooner.

Let's recap so far: 1 wheeled cooler 1 Large Isolator cooler 1 Small Isolator cooler 1 Running Bag 1 Large Suitcase

And that was just my stuff, boyfriend still had his own suitcase and backpack. Good thing the hotel had a bellhop with a luggage cart!

Part 2: All the Running

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