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Armpocket + iPhone 6 Plus = #awesome

Oh man, oh man! It's been a great month, so far!First we will talk about: I was fortunate enough to get a product sample to give feedback of the newest Armpocket, the one that will fit the iPhone 6 Plus. I had it in time for the Medtronic Marathon Weekend (race recap still in the works), and am EXCITED with what they did! 1. They kept the awesome bamboo fabric that wicks sweat and is soft on the skin = COMFORT WINS 2. They gave the phone enough room to fit WITH a slim case (like the leather one from Apple that I have) on the phone = SIZE WINS 3. The case is STILL water proof, in all the awesomeness. Puddles be warned! WIN! 4. For the size of the phone, the arm band didn't move. It still has the amazing material with velcro keeping it from slipping, but having flexibility to not strangle your arm. COMFORT WINS 5. The touchscreen capabilities are the same = awesome. I can stop/start my apps just like that! WIN! 6. All of the interior compartments are still roomy enough for a key, ID, a hotel key, and some cash. If you have a slim chapstick, I'm sure that wouldn't be uncomfortable to run with for short distances. WIN! All-in-all = Winning!

I've seriously considered using it for shopping, since it holds the necessities (key, card, cash, chapstick) and it can't get left on a store shelf or in the shopping cart.

This armband is called the Armpocket Mega i-40 and is now available for sale. You can find it here!

Take a look at what they've done for other phones, they do have the armband for the iPhone 6, too: Armpocket.com. It's a MUST HAVE for runners! I have the i30 for the iPhone 5, and was not paid for this review. Everything is my honest opinion, and I was simply given an armband to review so they could perfect the final product. All negative feedback was given to the company and they fixed the problems in the final product. After I received, the test product I was notified I would receive a free final product.