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The Color Run & MLB All Star Week

This will be my third year running The Color Run, and this year we are running as a wedding party group! My running buddy is getting married in August, so this is one of the activities us girls are doing. So exciting!! Since the All Star Game will be in Minnesota this year, which happens to be the same week when The Color Run is scheduled each year, MLB has brought Nike to the run this year:"The first event of its kind in history! Experience The Happiest 5k with some EXCITING additions from Major League Baseball.

MLB All-Star Themed Course Appearances from MLB legends and mascots Giveaways AND MORE" The Color Run All Star Week I heard about this matchup after we registered for the race, and I am PUMPED! My boyfriend and I will be getting All Star Week event tickets, so I'll get to enjoy a week of baseball in addition to the run. My running buddy hasn't mentioned anything else to do after the run, we are running the morning run, so we will probably all shower at my house since it's the closest and go out for food and eats.

Are you running a Color Run? Are you coming to All Star Week? Have you participated in a bachelorette run?