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Garuka Bars

GarukaBars.jpgIn no way am I being paid or given free product for this post. I am a paying supporter of Garuka Bars; I am on their monthly subscription list! Subscriptions.jpg So why am I even writing this? BECAUSE THEY ARE AMAZING! The Food and the People! Their motto: "Raw Honey. Primal Energy." Handmade with Vermont raw honey to provide the best tasting, best source for pre-exercise energy. What's a Garuka? From the website: "Garuka Bars® is named after one of the few remaining mountain gorillas ranging the volcanic forests of the Virunga Massif in Rwanda. Garuka needs protection and you need all-natural energy. We’re working on both. Our bars are packed full of simple, wholesome ingredients, and a percentage of each sale goes towards gorilla conservation." How awesome is that?! And the BARs, they are SO GOOD! You have to try one, just pay $1 towards shipping! Mike, the owner, hand writes little notes for each of my boxes and about every other month I get a simple email from him saying 'thanks.' Good snacks, a good cause, good people. What don't you love about this? They are packed in my daily snack bag, I take them every where. They even go to the pool with me!20140303-205156.jpg Please try one, and support the greatness they are. Website: www.garukabars.com/ Twitter: @GarukaBars Facebook:facebook.com/GarukaBars Instagram: Instagram.com/garukabars Are you going to try one? Let me know how it goes! Do you have a favorite snack that also supports a cause?