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#RunThisYear log and ab challenge

Happy belated valentines day!!Saturday, February 8, I ran a pretty miserable 3.75 miles. I was in a bad mood before the run, and just couldn't get out of it. The weather was cold, there were cars along my entire route (which means I had to breathe in their emissions), and my headphones were annoying the whole run. But at least I ran!

My mileage isn't up to what I want it to be, seeing as I want to achieve at least 300 miles this year, but I know once winter leaves us I will be running more frequently.

Yesterday I started a 14 day ab challenge, my coworker needed a buddy to keep her in check and I love doing abs. Here's the challenge, which I found on Pinterest: 20140215-154849.jpg

Today I'm planning a 14 hour nap after my abs challenge, so run day will happen tomorrow when the temps are supposedly going to be warmer outdoors.

I also saw this photo, and really am tempted to take this action someday. 20140215-154936.jpg