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Week 5 Mileage #RunThisYear

Pity party time:I ran February 1, it was only 3 miles. Super stressed from work, really annoyed about winter, and just needing the stretch my legs. It was 3 hours later than when I like to run, it was dark out which also meant it was cold. I safely ran on the sidewalks 3.1 miles instead of risking running on the side streets to get the 3 extra miles I wanted. I really needed that run, and was really bummed I couldn't get the 6.2 miles I craved. The highlight of my run was seeing our solar lights lit up as I came back home. Normally there isn't enough sun to get the lights lit up during the winter, so this was great to see. Here's the lights unlit:Sidewalk LightsHere's the lights all jazzed to their fullest! Color changing solar lights The simple things in life, like color changing solar lights, really add that extra oomph you didn't know your day needed.

Give me some good/bad/ugly runs you've dealt with when you really needed a phenomenal one.

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