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Week 3 Mileage: #RunThisYear #stupidsnow edition

It's the time of year for roller-coaster temperatures here in Minnesota. Today's high was 37 degrees Farenheit, Tuesday's high will be 2 degrees Farenheit, and Friday's high will be 27 degrees Farenheit. Planning outdoor runs is essential, for me at least. I like to run on Sunny days, especially if it's below 20 degrees. Due to today's warm temperature, I ran today instead of yesterday (my weekly scheduled Saturday). I am so glad I did because that warm weather is not something to waste! There were a lot cleaner roads, as well, since the sun had some time melting the snow and the snowplows had opportunities to move the snow. Today I planned to run over 6 miles, so I wore my FuelBelt loaded with only 2 bottles instead of the 4 it holds and 1/2 pack of PROBAR Bolt.

I wore my Head Sweats Performance Visor supporting RunChat along with these neat Earmuff Headphones. My ears were warm and my sweat was not dripping down my face!


The 6.26 miles weren't entirely easy, I did run on snow, slush, and the in-between stuff that looks like snow but has the consistency of sand. After the first 1/2 mile I decided to adjust my route from the usual sidewalks to low-traffic roads. I did this to avoid the sidewalks because they weren't yet plowed/shoveled and didn't want to get hurt. As you can see from these photos, the roads were a lot better. 20140119-172010.jpg What seasonal gear do you have? I think I need Yaktraks, opinions please! Are there any conditions you prefer to run in? Tell me about a time you stepped in a puddle.