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First Half-Marathon: FINISHED!

I started this blog to share my journey training for my first marathon, the Rock n' Roll Las Vegas Half-Marathon.

On November 17, 2013, I completed my first half-marathon!!! 2:15:29 is my official time, and I am SO EXCITED about it! Not only was it 4 minutes around my 'goal' time, but it felt so GOOD! The only soreness immediately after running I felt was my ankles, and I blame not training enough on running while dodging fellow runners. How do you train for that, other than do it a lot during other races? Please let me know in the comments, on twitter, or in email.

The Goods: A great participant shirt from Brooks, A GLOW-IN-THE-DARK medal, and an experience of the Strip like never before.


The entire strip was closed for runners, for 8 hours!! Picture this: the sun is setting on the Las Vegas Strip, music is pumping, and the countdown begins. We started the race in front of Mandalay Bay, ran south in the North Bound lanes along the airport, turned around at the Burger King, and started up the South Bound lanes into the heart of the strip.

The Strip is lit-up in true Las Vegas fashion, daylight has left us. Mid-strip we changed into the North bound lanes, ran all the way passed the mono-rail and went through nearby neighborhoods looping back towards the Strip. This is when the marathoners ran to the desert, came back through Fremont Street, and then joined back up with us half-marathoners onto the South bound lanes of the strip to finish in front of The Mirage hotel. The crowds and cheering zones, the bands and the DJs, the lights and the atmosphere.

It was a fantastic experience! I can't say I would run that course again, but that is only because I want to do OTHER courses before repeating this one. The other days we were in Vegas were lovely mini-vacation days, we didn't gamble, but we did eat! We walked around a little, since this wasn't our first time in Vegas we didn't do a lot of the normal tourist stuff, we mainly ate and enjoyed the weather. The weather!! Mid 60s for highs, sunny all day, and a slight breeze. It was quite the weekend for a runcation!

Now that I have accomplished the first half-marathon, why don't we see how the rest of my life goes!?