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Meals as Snacks = SnackMeals - #RunnerProbs

I eat every 3 hours, and I'm not talking about just a granola bar here and a hard boiled egg there. I eat what I call snack meals.Breakfast is not just important, it is required in my house. I will absolutely refuse to do anything before eating breakfast, unless I am going somewhere to eat breakfast. We rarely go out for breakfast because of how hungry I am when I wake up, but when we do we are really going out for second breakfast. Second breakfast is a real thing in my house. Second Breakfast Image found: RunningWithSpoons.com

Between 6:30am and 7:30am I'll eat my first meal of the day. 20131113-151306.jpgFirst breakfast is typically 2 over-medium eggs, 1 serving of Turkey Bacon, or Turkey Sausage, or whatever leftover looks good for breakfast, 1/2 Gluten Free Bagel with cream cheese, cranberry juice, and sometimes a cooked veggie such as squash, sweet potatos, peppers, tomatos, etc. Coffee is a requirement, too.

Meal #2 is around 9:30am. Second breakfast is typically 1/2 cup dry steel cut oats, 1/2 cup powdered almonds (I put them in my single serve cup Ninja and destroy them, it's amusing to do), 3/4 cup frozen blueberries without sugar, and 1 Cup unsweetened Silk Almond Milk. Microwaved for 90 seconds, and done. It's not a morning snack, it's a meal!

Lunch, has to be at noon.20131113-151315.jpg Fourth meal is usually around 3:30pm. Second lunch is a bunch of snacks which typically includes: a banana, gluten free Garuka bar, GoGoSqueeze Applesauce, gluten free pretzels, and something else.

5-6pm = #Runtime. This is the time of day when I've been running for the last 6 months, and it seems to work best for me because I won't be running on empty and reduce my risk of dragging butt or passing out from fatigue greatly. It also happens to be the time of day when my first half-marathon start gun goes off, so I had to plan my training around that to make sure I had a great routine based on the day of the race.

Dinner, has to be around 6pm.

Dessert is randomly chosen, sometimes it's another snack, sometimes it's a real dessert. Has to be eaten before 8pm, though, otherwise I won't fall asleep until after 10pm.

I don't have a diet, this is my lifestyle and that is how I have learned how to make my body happy. I have a slight hypoglycemia, which means I sugar crash faster than most. It's basically the opposite of Diabetes, I have low sugar and need the happy sugars you get from REAL food. Candy, Pop, and other sweets actually do not appeal to my taste buds and quite often make me sick afterwards.

My meals have to include a protein, carb, and fat. I feel complete after these items are consumed, and that happy feeling you get from your belly and brain is AMAZING!

I do take vitamins daily, what I take is directly based on what I have learned I am lacking. My vitamins: 20131113-151811.jpg I live in the Frozen Tundra, so I take Vitamin D daily once November begins. I take an allergy medicine daily, as well as fish oil, and three other digestive helpers due to a GI issue I suffered this past summer. I also limit my cow dairy intake to cheese, or cream cheese. I follow a gluten free diet, and I don't say no to anything my body craves I only limit the amount I have. I finish off the vitamins with, Biotin, Zinc (keep the illness away!) and Magnesium, which helps me sleep. What's your FAVORITE breakfast? What's one thing you eat that makes your day go so much better?