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Get Lucky 7K Race Review

"How many miles is a 7K?" This was a common question overheard at the post-race area on the brisk morning of March 16, 2013.It's 4.35 for those of you wondering (I just Google'd it). Team Ortho puts on this race, and I am already signed up for next year! In 2012, runners of this race were in shorts and tank tops. In 2013, the year I ran, runners were in SNOWBOARD gear. Here's my view from the start 'corrals,' they had a lot of runners show up despite the frigid temps! 20131113-172124.jpg I wish the buildings didn't block the sun, it was really cold in the shade. The temps were in the 20s, and the winds gusted to 18 MPH. Along the course it was common when glasses fogged up, and many fingers were nipped at by Jack Frost. Plus, there was ice along our running route. ICE! On the ROAD we were RUNNING on. Welcome to Minnesnowta. The race was great, we were routed around the river, which is always a beautiful place regardless of the season or temperature, and there were a few musical stations along the way to give you something to bounce to if you didn't have your own music. The only down fall was mother nature blowing her cold winds at us, but the sun was out and made it quite fantastic when you were blocked from the wind. I didn't take any pictures during this race, I know my phone would have died from the cold temperature so I kept it in my inside pocket. Here's a photo from the post-race area, though! 20131113-172116.jpg See the little rainbow and pot of gold head band I'm wearing? I rocked that the whole race! That sweatshirt was given to each registered runner, it is great! A hood, lightly lined with fleece, an earbud cord loop right next to your chin, and THUMB HOLES! Such a fantastic shirt, the shirts are one of the reasons I run these races!

What's your least favorite mother nature related race experience? Were you in the above pictured crowd?!?!