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Packing for a Runcation - #RunnerProbs

I make lists for my lists; I want to have as much with me that I have when I'm at home. This way I can keep to my routines, as much as possible, and that calms me and helps make vacations more fun for me.Packing for a four day vacation for me fills a suitcase; three pairs of shoes minimum. And my pillow. And we're going to Las Vegas. Since I can't predict the color mood I'll be in, and moods decide what I want to wear, I have to have more than 1 shirt/outfit to choose from for each day. So packing for a race for me, well, this sums it up: 20131111-185138.jpg So here's what my carry-on bags will consist of: 1. Normal Carry-On Bag: 20131111-191825.jpg Entertainment (unless it's an hour flight, my ADD goes nuts and needs toys to play with): iPad loaded with movies and magazines, Kindle loaded with books, iPod (in case the other two die) 20131111-191818.jpgI'll be carrying this bag separately through the TSA CheckPoint, since it will all need to go in it's own bin. Afterwards, I'll take out my purse from the black bag and put this inside. I think I'm pretty fantastic at packing, it's a life size game of Tetris, even though I wasn't super awesome at the video game. Snacks (required): Jolly Ranchers, dried fruit, gluten free pretzels, protein powder, ProBar's Meal Bar, Pro Bar's Fuel Bar, Gluten Free Garuka Bars (aka Mouth Gasm), Brookside Candy, green tea bags, and other randomness from the pantry. I'll be buying a Caribou Coffee and a salad from somewhere before departing Friday morning, as well. Water Bottle to fill up: I drink at least 1 liter of water for each hour of the flight, and I'll carry this around during the vacation. Purse: It's a mini-suitcase for everyday adventures! Something has to hold snacks, camera, cell, water bottle, lipgloss, and monies while wandering around. MakeUp 20131111-191812.jpg It's expensive, and I'm not willing to go through the trauma of replacing it all at one time. Blanket I'm a freeze baby My check point liquids Liquid Makeup, Bengay cold therapy for after the race, Lip Balm, etc. Jewelry See Makeup reason 20131111-191752.jpg 2. Race Day Bag (I'll gate check this, Delta always offers this for free once you get to the gate. Has to be carry-on size, though.): 20131111-192258.jpg Race Gear Everything I want to wear and have with me during the race is here. I do not want to risk having my luggage lost so these are staying really close to me until we get to the hotel room. Everyday snacks I eat every 2-3 hours while I'm awake, snacks are required and these suckers are staying within reach as well because it's pretty expensive to stock up my pantry. We have everything listed above, but in multiple quantities. Change of Clothes I have to wear something in case my luggage gets lost. We're on a direct flight, but you never know what might happen. Vitamins and Supplements Not losing these, & expensive to replace. 20131111-192252.jpg

I'm counter checking my normal suitcase, that sucker is FULL and might be overweight. Fingers Crossed TSA doesn't give me too much of a hassle about my snacks, I am worried they will dump my bag and possible confiscate but we shall see!

What Runcation tips do you have? What's one/a few things you've done that did not work out?