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TC Medtronic 10K - The Fall Course you MUST RUN!

Happy Veteran's Day.Thank you to each and every Veteran, non-Veteran's are in debt to you!

Something I am thankful for is the outdoors, and the beauty that is nature. A course that embraces the beauty of nature is the Medtronic Marathon, and some day I will be one of those crazy people. Until that day, I will continue enjoying the shorter distances along that course.

The Medtronic Marathon weekend is the first weekend each October, a wonderful time of year in the upper Midwest. The air is crisp, the leaves are in the midst of changing, and the sun still wakes up early with you (and keeps you warm on those early morning runs).

I had never been to a race expo before, so my girlfriend and I decided we should do that and pick up our packets as we needed to still do that. We went on Friday after work, and both were pleasantly happy with what we saw. I was mainly just a tourist and voice of opinion, she was the shopper of a fuel belt and fuel goo as her stash was running low. We sampled some PowerBar products (always start with the salty and end with the liquids, by the way), conversed with a few other vendors, and tested two fuel belt brands before she decided upon one that held water and her phone. As we were leaving, we passed the Caribou booth (Caribou is a proud sponsor of Medtronic Marathon weekend, and are a Minnesota company, and have AMAZING coffee) and we both purchased a coffee travel cup and I bought a bag of Marathon Blend coffee. 20131111-162953.jpg The TC10K, Twin Cities 10K, is the only distance I've so far participated in along this course, twice. This past October 5th, 2013, at 7:30 a.m., with the threat of cold rain in the hourly forecast, my girl friend and I were standing in front of the state capital building, in the starting corral, waiting for our turns to cross the start line. Your first stretch after crossing the start line is UP HILL, but this is also the same hill you will descend to get to the finish line so you just have to imagine how good that hill will feel the next time you see it. The houses along this course are historic, literally. They are registered historic homes. 20131111-164451.jpg They are beautiful, and the roads they are built upon are hilly, curvy, and sometimes cobblestone. 20131111-164508.jpg 20131111-164520.jpg The sun was out, so the temperature was perfect with the teeny bit of breeze that came through the course. 20131111-164540.jpg Below is the finish line in the distance, with the State capital building in the background. It's hard to take non-blurry photos while running. 20131111-164551.jpg Right after we crossed the finish line, our chip time was a fantastic 1:01:35, it started to drizzle and the temperature dropped shortly after I cooled down. I spent the rest of the day hanging out with my brother and we had supper with mom & dad.