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Rave Run; I didn't Run Away

After forever of being away from writing, here I am getting back into it! I've had a moment in my life that needed to happen, and have reaped some rewards on the personal level that were much deserved. Thank you for being patient, let's both hope I can create a wonderful habit of sharing at least once a week going forward!!There are many things on the schedule that are quite exciting, and you'll read about them soon.

Back in May 2013, my Running Buddy and I ventured to The Rave Run, which was held at ValleyFair, a local amusement park. The opportunity to run at night, at ValleyFair, was one I could not pass up! ValleyFair is a mini Six Flags, and I love being given opportunities to experience venues during non-business hours. Running has opened this 'private party only' experience I have longed for, in many ways. More on that, later.

The Rave Run was advertised differently than what actually happened, and I was slightly disappointed with multiple aspects. I don't believe they anticipated the extremely high turn out they did, as people were parking miles away from the parking lot. While this is good for the organization, because of the large demand, the setup for event was discombobulated; you had to cross the race course to get to event registration, and again to get to the start area. While we were part of the first wave of runners, we did have to watch for walkers and people trying to park while we finished the run and attempted to leave. They did not have ample food options (I smelled burgers, but couldn't find them because of all the people), so we ended up going off-site for grub. It was advertised "3.1 MILES OF STUNNING LIGHTS AND MUSIC," but the music was not throughout the entire course, more like they had a few speakers (that were part of the park) playing some music but at other places along the course were quiet except for the sound of runners. The lights were scarce, they just used what was already built into the park (not a whole lot) and some where not pointed onto the path but rather blinded you as you were running. As a person that can not run naked, this was upsetting, but the venue did make up for it because it was such an opportunity.

The volunteers and workers of this race were great, some of the ValleyFair employees were there to make sure you stayed on course and there were some that dressed similar to the event's theme. The after party looked like it was going to be fun, there were a lot of people, but I just was not going to be able to experience because there were a LOT of people and I had to work early the next morning. The DJ they had at the start line was good, there were a lot of fun people running, and the venue was a great idea for location, in my mind. The weather was perfect, especially since May was FINALLY the end of Minnesnowta's Never Ending Winter it was a nice way to welcome the Spring into our lives. Shirt: 20131124-074357.jpg I would consider going to another night race of the 'rave' theme next year, maybe even volunteer at this one to see how it's evolving and possibly run it again in a few years.

I wish I had more positive things to write about for this race, but it was the first year for these guys and I am sure future races will improve!