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Sweet & Sour Chicken: Crock Pot!


I love sweet & sour chicken, and I love cooking. In February, I came across a Pinterest pin for sweet & sour chicken at home. Original Blog Post by Made It Ate It Loved It with Recipe Here.

Not only did I make it, it was delicious! NAILED IT!

Tonight I wanted to make it again, but without frying it because I was feeling lazy healthy. So, I boiled the chicken, chopped it up, put it in a small crockpot , and dumped in the sauce (I stirred it up while the chicken was boiling). We don't keep soy sauce in the house because of my gluten intolerance, so instead I added an extra spoon of sugar and extra shake of garlic salt. I let that simmer on low for 4 hours and went to do some much needed laundry.

When it came time to eat, I made some brown rice (the 10 minute kind, I replace 1 C water with Silk Almond Unsweetened Milk), put that in a bowl, added some shredded spinach, and put the sweet & sour chicken (slightly strained) on top.

DEVINE!!! My boyfriend is going to be so excited I have leftovers!

What Pinterest recipe pins have you completed, and loved?! Share some recipes with me, Pinterest or other!