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Fifteen's 5K mid-month birthday celebrations

This year, I am we are celebrating my birthday the entire month of August.Why? Why not! It's the big 3-0 for me this year, and since boyfriend wasn't home ON my birthday, due to his work schedule, we're celebrating the whole month. Truth-be-told, he's only going to be home 7 days in August because of his job, but we're making every one of those days fantastic!! Birthday presents arrive via postal carriers the first two weeks of the month, then he took me shoe shopping this past weekend. We also went out to eat at a few new places, went for a great 6.25 mile run through our neighborhood, and attended two baseball games. And we ran our FIRST race together!! Fifteen's 5K is a charitable race, from their website: "Glen Perkins is a husband, father, and a relief pitcher for the Minnesota Twins. He married his college sweetheart- Alisha in 2005, and were later blessed with two little miracles- Addie & Lyla. Together they have tried to navigate this exciting and sometimes difficult baseball life. Now you can follow their journey to the big leagues in the Fifteen's 5K. Alisha is an avid runner and when the Perkins wanted to find a way to give back- this race seemed like the perfect fit. The race will benefit The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Glen and Alisha have two sets of close friends who have children with CF and have seen first hand the challenges that they overcome every day to raise their beautiful children. Wanting to help in any way they could the race seemed like a great way to raise money to find a cure for Aidan and Landry and the many other children who are living with CF.

"Race today for more tomorrows""

Boyfriend and I could not pass up this opportunity to race for a cause, we are both avid baseball fans, so this was a perfect event. PLUS, my girlfriend (the one who always runs with me) and her family are also baseball fans so we made a whole day out of it! The run started at 8am near The Metrodome, the stadium where the Minnesota Twins used to play and where Glen Perkins started his career, and finished on the warning track of Target Field, where the Twins and Glen currently play. The weather was perfect: in the 70s, slight breeze, all sun. There were plenty of runners to make it cozy, but not too many for it to be overwhelming, and the volunteers along the way were smiling and cheering everyone on. The roads navigated along a few hilly roads, and the last 0.5 mile was the most memorable. The last half mile brought you right past the general admission gates, down into the loading dock area, and directly onto the field warning track.
20130820-195406.jpg It was mesmerizing, and I am so glad I took pictures for this because boyfriend was too caught up in the excitement. He even was nervous just before heading into the playing field because of how excited he was. Of course while we were at such an advantageous place, I made sure I took a picture of him & us in front of the Twins dugout, a great panoramic of the whole place, and a shot of our season ticket seats.

After wards, we showered courtesy of LifeTime Fitness and then headed over to Hell's Kitchen for breakfast. This is not the New York Hell's Kitchen, and it is not the Hell's Kitchen from TV. This is "damn good food" as their motto states. Phenomenal food, really. If you're ever in Minneapolis, you MUST make a reservation and come eat here!! Reservations are not required, but highly recommended as they are always busy, and there is a reason why. I am obsessed with their porridge, so I had that along with 2 eggs, and some breakfast sausage. And the coffee is so good and just the way I like it: STRONG. They make it all from scratch, it's organic, and it's fantastic. An afternoon baseball game followed (game two of two for us in four days), and then we had a sushi snack at Seven Sushi on their Skybar. Delicious!

That concluded fantastic birthday weekend number 1 of 2!

Where have you crossed a finish line? What type of present would you love to receive each year? Is there a local restaurant you recommend to visitors?