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Polar Dash, Penguin Hats, Resolutions, Running on Ice.

What were you doing on January 1, 2013? I woke up to NEGATIVE temperatures, in Fahrenheit, and had to figure out what to wear for an outdoor 5K.Start each run with coffee. This is a requirement for me, especially when the high for the day is going to be 15 degrees. You say that isn't normal? Welcome to a Minnesota Winter. The "feel like" temperature at 8:00am, as I was getting dressed, was 11 degrees below zero. That is what it felt like when the air touched your skin. The actual air temperature was 5 degrees, but the wind was coming from Canada. The sun made you warm, and the race started at 11:00am, so it wasn't as bad as I'm sure it was for the people running the 10K. They had icicles on their faces & face masks!! Check out the photos The Polar Dash, put on by Team Ortho, is held along the beautiful Mississippi River. The air temperature DECREASES when you are near any moving body of water. So what does one wear when skin really shouldn't be exposed longer than 10 minutes, because frost bite is a bad thing? Layers of running clothes: Undergarments, leggings, socks (2 pairs), tank top, long sleeve, jackets (2), and some snow gear of snow goggles and mittens. Here's what we looked like: 20130820-102453.jpg That is a penguin hat under my goggles. 20130820-104519.jpgSuper cute right?! And we were still cold. Might have been the ice that was covering the roads, it didn't have a chance to melt off since it had been this cold for several days after the last snow storm. The air was fresh, and cold. Frozen boogers for everyone! Nothing like starting the New Year with a crisp, fresh day.

The run? Oh yeah, the reason a few hundred people actually braved the elements. The goods? A fleece jacket and fleece lines penguin hat! 20131124-123821.jpg 20131124-123830.jpg It was great! There were a few sponsors with tents, some heated, at the start/finish area. The race itself was good, you ran up a curved hill, looped around and came down that hill. It was tough on the lungs, but really a great run for those starting resolutions to run/exercise more.

While I don't make New Year's Resolutions, I make goals, I have to say there were a lot more people at this event than I would have guessed considering the freezing temperature. I received a text message after this race, "I love you thank you for inspiring me." Now THAT is a great way to start a new year!

My goal for 2013: Half-Marathon, the Rock N Roll Series in Las Vegas. I'm on week three of training, and November 17 is creeping up on me!

What abnormal temperatures/conditions have you raced in? What were resolutions/goals you made? Have you kept them up? Have you received a loving message for just being you?