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The Color Run and my White Diet

This is a long one, not only a race recap of an amazing race, but a recap of suffering a stomach virus. You can skim/skip the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th paragraphs if you're not here for the stomach virus portion. Last month The Color Run held their event in the great state of Minnesota. This year was my second Color Run, and if you haven't experienced one of these events, you need to sign up and go! I was looking forward to this event for many reasons: a nice 3.1 mile course through the Minnesota State Fair grounds the month before the State Fair (which is a HUGE deal), my beautiful friends will be by my side, and you get COVERED in COLORed cornstarch (wearing white is a requirement, it makes it more fun trust me). And we had tutu's.

The day before the event, less than 24 hours before our wave, I was in Urgent Care. UGH! I had not been able to digest food off and on for about a week (I had thought it was food poisoning), and after deciding it was not food poisoning I had experienced before, I went to Urgent Care. The lady Doctor (who is also a runner) diagnosed me with a stomach virus, there wasn't anything she could give me I had to heal at home. She prescribed a boring white diet of crackers, chicken broth, potatos, oatmeal, but no butter or any flavorings until my stomach calms down. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, but stay away from sports drinks and sugar of any kind. Oh, and no caffeine. She also said I should not RUN, it would be too risky because my body wasn't getting any nutrients due to the lack of digestion and an ambulance ride would be in my future if I ignored this advice. Seriously: a boring diet that I am NOT used to most of those foods, no coffee, and no running. This was going to be a difficult regimen to adhere to.

She said I could get my blood tested after a few days if I didn't feel as if I was getting better, as there was a rare virus I possibly could have. Maybe you've heard of it: Cyclospora. I didn't get the blood work done, but I wish I did because after reading that article, it's possible I may have been an additional head count in the sickness. Can you imagine how many people have gotten this virus and, like me, didn't get checked?!

Anyways, immediately after leaving Urgent Care I let my friends know of the prognosis, and they agreed we were still going to have a great time and that walking would give us more gab time. I packed a Ziploc full of crackers, another full of pretzels, a collapsable (free) water bottle/bag to carry during the 5K. During the day I wore my heart monitor so we could jog at least a little and made sure anytime I spiked above 110BPM, we'd walk. My resting heart rate is about 75-80 on a healthy day, so I chose 110 because that's when I begin to sweat and feared dehydration.

The Color Run was fantastic! The weather was perfect. There were thousands of color runners, and a lot of volunteers that made each color zone so much fun! Thanking someone for dousing you with colored cornstarch might seem strange, but I am Strange! At the end of the race, the party zone had several food options (I chose TOT BOSS because they are delicious and adhered to my recently prescribed white diet, and are gluten free for my regular diet) as well as the tireless DJ on stage getting the crowd jumping and handing out free stuff. Every 10 minutes they had a Color throw, the cornstarch filled plastic bags were ripped open, thrown in the air, and swirled throughout the party zone. What a glorious sight!!! 20130810-100635.jpg After the heat filled day, covered in colored cornstarch, I went home, showered, put on my race shirt, 20131124-074535.jpg and took a two hour nap. Wasn't such a bad summer Sunday, after all.

Have you participated in a Color Run? What was your most FUN non-timed event?