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Unplanned route turned PR and a pond

Today I went for a run, I wanted to run 10k, but no idea what route to take.So I just started to run, taking a turn here and there, creating a new route which I enjoyed. Low and behold: 20130804-163457.jpg I PR'd, even though it was just around the neighborhood I am still pumped!

My route took me around this pretty pond, and I found a set of sprinklers along the way to cool off and avoid jumping in this mystery water. 20130804-163545.jpg 20130804-163552.jpg The weather was a bit warm, that's a lesson to learn when running at 1 in the afternoon, but I won't complain as Minnesota doesn't get many nice weekend days like this.

I read two blogs today that are sharing photos of their routes, which inspired me to stop and take those two photos, check them out and if you dare share some of your scenery! Running with Ollie RUNNING escapades

Tomorrow is half-marathon training day 1: Stretch and strengthen, and boy will I need it! In the last 7 days I ran 18 miles, and I believe that is a record for me.

What scenery do you experience along your routes? What races have you participated in had beautiful scenery?