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Training for my first Half Marathon

Tomorrow is day one of training for my first half-marathon.November 17th in Las Vegas is the big day! (Hello nerves!) Here's the training program I found to work from: Novice Training Program Here's my rendition: I added a few weeks at the end to increase how many weeks I'd train, just repeating weeks 9-11, basically. This enabled me to make sure I prepare for the 10 Mile race (my first at that distance) in addition to the half-marathon without neglecting the need to taper. Here's the list of races I'm incorporating into this plan: My 2013 Races

I gravitated towards this mileage based program instead of a time based program because I want to achieve the distance at my own pace first, since this is my first race this distance, and work on improving my time another time.

My boyfriend is running the Half-marathon with me. It's his first half-marathon as well, and he'll start his training in 3 weeks. He loves my crazy style, and his super-long legs used to run in high school. We have both travelled to Vegas, but this is our first time going together. We have a short list of things to see/do while we're there (we'll have 2.5 days to be tourists outside of the race time) so we should have a blast!

Are you in training for anything? What programs have you used before, were they a success? What tips/advice do you have for us?