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I want to help you love food, again

I have always loved food, I have fond memories of making epic sandwiches when I was 7 years old, complete with 3 pieces of crisp iceberg lettuce to ensure the crunch happened with each bite. 

I fell in love with actual cooking when I was 8, and learned quickly how to create from what was on-hand

So, when it came to feeling bloated, uncomfortable, or even getting sick from what I was eating, learning that what foods each person should be eating is as different as our dna. In fact, our DNA determines what we should and should not be eating.

I want to help you get around the food hurdle that autoimmunity creates.

For me, I know cows milk gives my belly issues, so I stopped drinking it in 2006. I started feeling better in my stomach, my face starting clearing up, and my mood improved! I knew my immune system wasn’t as awesome as others, because a cold quickly turned into bronchitis, or worse, when I contracted the virus, but whenever I was sick the doctors never thought to have me tested for anything food related that my body was fighting.

In 2013, I did a weekend elimination diet of one type of food: gluten. It was night and day from beginning to end, and I knew I needed to make sure I kept away from it as much as possible. Again, my stomach felt better (I had THEE worst gas, as in I could clear ROOMS when I had consumed gluten), my face looked even better, and my mood improved!

In June 2014, I became very ill from food, but we don’t really know what or why because, again, I was never tested. It was around the same time spinach was being pulled from grocery stores, so we just assumed it was poorly washed spinach. We still don’t know.

In 2015, I switched to a pea protein meal replacement supplement, and again started feeling a lot better. I realized my body was not tolerating any of the animal dairy proteins: whey, casein, or lactose. This meant cutting out all animal milk based 'dairy', and switching to almond, cashew, and coconut milk based products.

What I will do.

I'll be sharing recipes, tips, and giving you access to ME to further YOUR adventures in the kitchen! I've spent over 20 years in the kitchen, in that time I have created a lot of recipes that work in a pinch, are (usually) healthy, are pretty easy to put together, taste amazing, and accommodates my ever-growing list of foods to avoid.

I offer ease to your life. 

I love helping people have easy, & healthy, options.

I love being given an ingredient to work a recipe around, or avoid.

This is a subscription based site!

I'm not yet ready to write a recipe book, which many people have told me I should do, so I decided to create this site. It offers versatility to view from where ever in the world you are, from the device in your hands, and saves your time from searching for healthy alternatives from many sites, including those DIY recipes for dietary alternative options (such as cashew cream in place of regular sour cream).

You will gain access to all current, and upcoming, recipes as well as be able to reach out to me for requests of new recipes.

You may also request for me to compile your grocery list from the selected recipes.

I'll even write meal plans specific to your food avoidances, if you choose. I practice living in moderation, so if you want a serving of chocolate ice cream every night, let's talk about what brands you love! An ice cream sundae for breakfast is possible with the right selection of ingredients.

If you're on the fence, this is not for you.

If you're sick of looking up four different recipes to satisfy your desire to make an epic, easy meal that's accommodating to your specific dietary needs/restrictions, this is for you.