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Food Intro

No matter the reason you want to change the way you eat, I’m here to support you to the best of my abilities.

Changing what you eat.


I’m passionate about being healthy through food and fitness.  

I get excited when I can create delicious ways to make a favorite recipe healthier without sacrificing taste, or when a client feels better by making an adjustment to what they’re eating.  

I love to be active, whether that’s running, weight lifting, hiking, or participating in water sports, which means I need to fuel my body with the best for maximum desired effort and a fast recovery.

Throughout this section, we share my favorite products, brands, and life hacks on how to make cooking easier, and, sometimes, a lot faster.

I write recipes that are anti-inflammatory, meaning the ingredients aren’t known for adding inflammation to our bodies.  I also provide tools and information that will help anyone, willing to learn, become a better home cook. 


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 I'm really bad at baking, but I'm a really good taste tester for the goods my boyfriend whips up, and the winning recipes will be shared.


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