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Grow your business with FREEBIES


When you begin a new business venture, you're usually starting out with a minimal budget in many areas. You might have $100/month for marketing, for example, but know you're not great at marketing to grow your business. While that $100/month can get you a lot, it may not get you as much as $200/month, which means you know you'll need to pinch a few pennies to increase that budget.

This is where you look for FREEBIES, or almost free resources, that can bridge the gap of growing your business.

If you're lucky, you'll come across a freebie that helps grow your business and offers a way for you to continue using that type of service for a great deal, or you find the investment in that service/product worth every penny of your budget and go all-in.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with trying out freebies, it's actually a great way to figure out if the business is compatible with yours as well as learn about yourself at the same time.

I've participated in several free, or heavily discounted, programs that I wanted to see if they'd help me grow my business. After a while, I learned which types of companies, and the people that run them, I work best with and learn from. This is a valuable tool for all businesses, knowing who you're going to pay to work with!

A few freebies that I feel are necessary to check out:
PR: how to pitch your business across multiple platforms. HearsayPR is offering a 5-day challenge starting July 30th to help you learn how to "land the media coverage and collaborations of your dreams." They will send you their pitching secrets, for free, if you 'show up ready to have fun and put in the work.' I completed their first bluePRint course, and KNOW if you dedicate some time for the free 5-day challenge, you will find valuable information!
Get your freebie H E R E.

Social Media: Each Month Jasmine Star will email you free social media tutorials for free. She grew her business massively using her techniques before Instagram was around, so I signed up for the free emails and have already learned a lot of valuable information.
You can sign up H E R E.

Google Docs: While you may have heard of, and use, these resources, do you share them with your team for collaboration? Having your virtual bookkeeper be able to access and update your budget, and all other pertinent documents, using free technology will help your business grow. You can upload documents for her/him to see and use for their jobs, and keep the hard copies filed neatly away in your office (or vice versa!). I personally use this with several of my clients, the ability for me to work from Hawaii and them to see real-time updated information where ever in the world they're currently traveling will allow them to present to a client, or choose a different type of fabric the budget allows. Free can be priceless in the infant stages of growing a business!
Find out more about Google Docs H E R E.
If you're looking for Google Doc based budget help, fill out the form below. 

Printable PDFs:
I've created a FREE printable budget planner to use in your budget binder, whether you have a project you're needing to organize better, or want to wrap your annual income and spending into one binder (I highly recommend this, previously wrote about as well) a printable can help create some organizational ease. Find that here. Add to cart, and checkout. Yes, you have to enter a payment method, but it's legit free!
I also created an editable version, where you type in your data and it calculates for you. You can print these once you're finished so organization for the project/year is still possible, just a little different method.

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Are there any free resources you've found helpful? Please share so that I may check them out!!! #sharingiscaring